Victoria Beckham after Madrid show

I’m writing this on the plane on the way home from Madrid – I can’t believe it was our last show of 2007, the time is going by so fast. It was great to return to Madrid having lived there for so long. I had the chance to say hello to some friends before the show, which is always nice.
We’re having so much fun on tour. I know it sounds like a cliché but it really is the truth. I think for me, the highlight so far was Tuesday night at The O2 Arena in London and having our kids on stage with us during Mama. I’ve said it lots of times before but my boys really are the reason that I am doing this and to have them up there with me was a very proud moment.
Talking of the show on Tuesday, Mel B lost her bracelet as it flew off in to the audience and we want to say a big thank you to David who picked it up and contacted our management company to tell us that he had it. We’re grateful to him for being so honest and we’ll be meeting up with him before one of our shows in January to say thank him in person.
Roberto Cavalli came along to a couple of the shows in London. He has worked so hard on our amazing costumes so it’s great for him to see us up there performing in them.
We have a little break now and then we'll be back at The O2 Arena in the new year before heading up to Manchester, where there is always a fantastic atmosphere so we’re excited about that. On a personal note, I'm really looking forward to performing in Manchester as we lived there for quite a while and I really love it.
I'm really looking forward to Christmas, to spending time with David, the boys and my family. We are taking the boys to see Father Christmas and they are so excited!
We're about to land so I have to go now but thank you all so much for your support. I hope that you all have a lovely Christmas and we’ll see you in January!
Lots of love

Victoria Beckham in a year

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Xia Xue vs Jardelle

 I love both of these girls but what i love the most are the similarities between them. So let's get started:

-They both own a blog and a youtube profile
-They are both popular
-They are both born on 28 april
-They both like to photoshop their pictures
-They are both controversial because of their frankly way of speaking
-They both own a bunny
-They both wear false lashes and contact lenses
-They are both accussed of having plastic surgeries
-They both have a husband/ friend who looks soooo similar

You can love them, you can hate them but one thing is sure ....they know how to win our attention.

                                                                 XIA XUE's HUSBAND

                                                                  JARDELLE's FRIEND

Victoria Beckham Lands In New York

Victoria Beckham arrived in New York over the weekend, ahead of her newEmporio Armani ad campaign unveiling at Macy's in New York, plus she is attending the Costume Institute Gala tonight.

She was wearing her favourite Balmain leather jacket, Loewe hat, ombre jeans, Louboutin heels, a new black handbag, and a white Hermes Travel Kelly Bag 55cm bag.

It's summer, the sun is shining, and I would have loved to see Victoria in something that reflects this, non black, plus something we haven't seen before. She has only worn it twice before, but I really dislike this jacket now, and the hat, especially together.

I hope she wows us tonight, because I really am not excited by this look at all.

In Victoria's Closet - Balmain Leather Jacket, Loewe Hat & Hermes Travel Kelly Bag

Here is a look a what Victoria Beckham wore to travel to New York, plus a look at the other times she has worn this similar looks.

Victoria Beckham At The Costume Institute Gala

Here is Victoria Beckham at the Met Gala last night.

I'm sorry to say that I really hate the look.

I'm sure it's been obvious for a while, but I have gradually fallen out of love with Victoria's style, which is the reason I fell in love with her so long ago.

I can no longer support her, so it would be unfair to continue this blog.

Sorry to disappoint so many, but I can no longer do this if my hearts no longer in it.